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Exceptional Book Cover Design Services

Online ebook Writers equips you with talented designers who can put your idea on a page. Whether you want abstract, colorful, bold, or artistic cover designs, our teams will have you covered.

Fiction Book Covers

Fiction books must demand attention. With Online ebook Writers, you can create iconic covers that compel the readers to select your book.

Non-Fiction Book Covers

Non-fiction book covers must reflect your book’s theme proficiently. With Online ebook Writers, you can visualize your ideas in the form of covers.

Memoir Book Covers

Memoir book covers are adorned with the author’s pictures. Online ebook Writers can help you embellish your pictures to make them book-cover ready.

A Book Cover Design Service You Can Count On

Readers judge a book by its cover. So, at Online ebook Writers, we make sure your book is supported with an eye-catching cover. We assist established authors accumulate an audience by designing captivating covers that demand attention. By featuring abstract art, hand-drawn illustration, author images, and graphics, we perfectly align and design the cover page to make your book get the attention it deserves.


We create dramatic, futuristic book covers for all fiction, sci-fi, and dystopian books.


Our non-fiction book covers can feature abstract designs, artistic illustrations, and more.


The biography book covers feature the personality’s photograph with a perfected color scale.


Your informative book can attract readers with the combination of graphical imagery and bold colors.


Our book covers can also feature your own image aligned seamlessly to create an iconic book cover.


We help your memoir capture the attention of readers with a customized design featuring your image.

Our Process

Online ebook Writers takes a strategic approach to crafting book covers that are tailored to meet your initial design idea. We attain proper approval before moving on to the next step.


Preliminary Research

Before starting the cover creation process, we carry out preliminary research to understand the latest cover design trends and techniques.


Market Research

In the following stage, our teams assess the market of covers for your particular book genre. We comprehensively analyze trends in your genre.


Audience Research

Our teams also take the time to study your audience and uncover the type of covers that attract them the most. We gain an insight into their preferences.


Your Requirements

Online ebook Writers offers a personalized service. We present you with our research and take your demands into account before designing the book cover.


First Draft Creation

Our designers are put to work. The teams create the first draft of your book cover design. If required, we create multiple variations for you to choose from.


Seeking Approval

All the covers are sent back to you for your approval. We make sure our clients are a hundred percent happy with the results.


Integrating Revisions

In the case you require revisions to the first draft, our teams make the necessary changes to make the book cover meet your aesthetics.


Finalizing Draft

The final draft is sent back to you for approval. Once you’re happy with the results, we send all the files back to you and grant you full ownership.

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Fourrier Rose

"I struggled to publish my first book since i did not know the difficulties that entailed with it, But when i got in touch with Online ebook Writers, my book was published in hardly any time thanks to their expertise. I highly recommend their services!"


“If you're thinking about working with Online ebook Writers, I would highly recommend! I am so appreciative of Kevin and Christine who work so hard to achieve exactly what you expect and more!”

Jas Jazzy

“I am currently working with Ace Book Writer’s on my very first project. I am very pleased with the services they provide, I am currently working with Kevin and he is great, he has been working hard and making my vision for my book possible.”

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